Tribute To Jimmy Smith

The concert will be this Sunday at 6pm, Midcoast School of Music, 533 Forest Ave. Featuring some fine musicians who also teach at the school:

Matt Fogg – Hammond Organ

Chris Marro – Drums

Nick Rausch – Guitar

Stephen Perry – Tenor Sax

Anthony Marro – Tenor Sax

Jason St.Pierre – Alto Sax

I had an opportunity to speak with Matt recently about this show:

Q: Why do a Jimmy Smith tribute? I know you have been heavily influenced by Oscar Peterson and Keith Jarrett.

A: I love Jazz. I love to play the B-3. Its a natural progression to listen and learn from Jimmy Smith’s music. I’ve always wanted to do something like this; its a great way to keep his legacy alive and show ‘the young people’ there is more out there to listen to than Boy-Bands and Dubstep.

Q: Speaking of great legacies, is there a Liberace tribute in the offing?

A: Next Question.

Q: Would you like to give us a preview of the set list?

A: We’re going to do the entire ‘Back at the Chicken Shack’ album. Its a classic- arguably his most famous work. It’s one of those albums that has influenced musicians across the board: Jazz, Blues, Funk and more. It’s gonna be a fun show.

Q: Any special pyrotechnics or costume changes planned? Maybe an interpretive dancer performing on the Leslie or a Puppet Show?

A: Next Question.

Q: I don’t see a Bass player in the lineup.

A: There’s a Bass player and his name is ‘Lefty’ [holds up his left hand].

Q: I’m confused. So you’re going to play Upright Bass and Organ at the same time? Thats a little gimmicky don’t you think?

A: Let’s move on.

Q: I know that after you complete your set the band is going to invite students up to sit in.

A: Yes, we want this to be an interactive experience. Listen, learn, play. That’s what our school is about: hands on learning. It’s gonna be a lot of fun to open it up; I’m looking forward to it!

Q: I don’t know if you read the blog regularly but we posted some conjecture about you starting a Wham! cover band calle ‘Careless Whisper’ in which you will play Key-tar. Some were saying you bought George Michael’s trench coat on ebay. Would you care to comment?

A: Next Question.

Q: Any truth to the claim by some that you sleep in said trench coat?

A: This interview is over.

Be sure to come down Sunday Night to hear some great Music! Bring your axe and have some fun jamming with some great players…see you there!

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