The Loft Show Is Saturday!

Preparations have begun. The most recent Dreamgirls rehearsal was with the full band after many weeks of acapella rehearsals. The songs they have chosen represent a broad range of material and will showcase arrangements for six vocal parts. Their set is sure to be a high point on Saturday!

The ‘Parents’ ensemble has assembled once more, doubled their daily dose of multivitamins, and commenced rehearsals. Don’t worry, they plan to nap before a late set of mature and responsible rocking. They even made time during the busy apple picking and canning seasons to recruit some new AARP members to the band since parting ways with the original guitarists due to creative issues (read: they couldn’t find babysitters). Make sure you’re there to check out the new young turks (each a mere quadragenarian)!

The LED-Journey group has also risen from the ashes and will kick off their fall session with an encore of their set from August.

Critics have exhausted the superlatives for the MSOM All-Stars and have now reverted to this understated endorsement: “they’re pretty good.” And they will indeed put on a “pretty good” show as you enjoy a fine repast this Saturday!

And Finally…

Do you know someone who suffers from Noodle-itis? Its a terrible affliction affecting primarily (but not limited to) guitarists.

Symptoms include:

-Non responsiveness to questions and verbal cues while playing with the guitar

-Nonsensical/Incoherent responses e.g. “Huh?” and “Yeah I love that…but not…SWEEEET”

-Arrhythmic and/or atonal ‘riffing’ with the guitar’s volume off

-Prolonged attempts to play ‘Eruption’ with minimal success

-Starting guitar solos in mid-sentence

-Playing any ‘Grateful Dead’ songs

Scientists have discovered that 80% of those suffering from Noodle-itis actually flatline brainwave activity when attempting to play many Spread Eagle and Whitesnake songs.

Sadly, there is no cure at this time but some strategies that have proved effective in gaining the attention of the afflicted are:

-Speaking loudly and waving your hands

-Engaging in “Axe Chat” about guitars and related musical equipment

-Turning on a Metronome

-Playing Broadway Show Tunes

Please help us by doing your part in raising awareness.

See you at The Loft this Saturday!

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