The Loft Recap

Saturday was a cool Autumn eve in Portland. Fine mists anointed the musicians as they began their load-in at the venue. The gear was methodically set up on the stage and the crowd filtered in to partake in the revelry the night had to offer them.

The house filled and the first brave soul took the stage. Renee Clavette began the festivities with a duo of modern piano pieces. Billy Joel’s “Piano Man” captured the audience’s attention with its subtle inflections of feeling and Bruce Hornsby’s “The Way It Is” drew roars from the crowd as Ms. Clavette effortlessly glided through the Range classic.

Next up was something a bit more raucous! The LED JOURNEY lads took the stage to repeat their set from late August. Despite concerns of rust from the long lay-off, the group soared to new heights. The rockers came to play and were so tight you could nary slide a piece of paper between them. Many jaws were slacked as the band tore through Kashmir to finish the set.

After the shock and awe of the previous ensemble, The Dreamgirls brought the evening to a more refined place. Despite having a gang of shoddy-looking mouth-breathing minstrels behind them, the girls ably performed songs by Joss Stone, Corinne Bailey Rae, and Alicia Keys with a sextet of vocal parts. Their set reached its acme during a stunning harmony at the end of the aptly chosen “Dreamgirls Finale”.

Not to be outdone, The MSOM All-Stars cruised through their impressive set of Rock, Funk, and R&B culminating with three Tower of Power classics.

The final set of the night belonged to the “Still Rockin’” band featuring the ‘grown-ups’. They launched their run with Joe Walsh’s “Life’s Been Good” songs by Adele, Kid Rock, Christina Aguilera, Gladys Knight and the Pips followed. Finishing the evening off was a re-worked Rolling Stones number that brought the house down.

Thanks to everyone who attended and the Musicians who worked so hard to make this night happen!

Stay tuned for information on our next performance…

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