Fogg Blog

This week in the blog we’re going to feature Midcoast School of Music Co-owner Matt Fogg. Anyone who knows Matt would say he’s a busy guy. But that would be selling him short – he’s also a driven guy – driven to always be improving his musicianship, driven to become a better teacher and driven [...]

 The Loft Recap

Saturday was a cool Autumn eve in Portland. Fine mists anointed the musicians as they began their load-in at the venue. The gear was methodically set up on the stage and the crowd filtered in to partake in the revelry the night had to offer them. The house filled and the first brave soul took the stage. [...]

 The Loft Show Is Saturday!

Preparations have begun. The most recent Dreamgirls rehearsal was with the full band after many weeks of acapella rehearsals. The songs they have chosen represent a broad range of material and will showcase arrangements for six vocal parts. Their set is sure to be a high point on Saturday! The ‘Parents’ ensemble has assembled once more, doubled their [...]

 More Videos From The Venue!

By popular demand, here are some more videos from our most recent recital at The New Venue in Portland, Maine. Some of the great performances from our Tower Of Power Ensemble, performing “Soul Vaccination”, “I Like Your Style”, and “There’s Only So Much Oil In The Ground”. Under the direction of our piano instructor Matt [...]

 MSOM Welcomes Steve Perry

We’d like to welcome the newest member of our staff – woodwind instructor Steve Perry! Steve is a saxophone and conga player who is active in the Portland music scene with the bands Stereocom and El Grande. Along with those gigs, he also plays in multiple student ensembles and freelances with various bands. A fan [...]

 Rock Camp 2010 Is Coming!

Summer camp isn’t just about sitting around the campfire and trying to keep the mosquitoes out of your tent. Forget about the canoes and get ready to ROCK this summer!Fresh off their successful first year, Midcoast School Of Music is back on the charts (with a bullet), offering TWO sessions of Rock Camp this summer [...]