Summer Sizzles at Midcoast School of Music!

Midcoast School of Music is ramping up for our Summer Ensembles. There are so many great groups its going to be an exciting time on Forest Ave!

The Steely Dan ensemble is our most ambitious undertaking since the Michael Jackson ensemble shocked and awed slack-jawed onlookers with a tour de force performance which included a choir of angelic school children singing ‘Man in the Mirror’.

The difficulty of the material alone makes this arguably the most challenging ensemble we’ve offered. Whereas these songs challenge even advanced players the students who signed up for these ensembles are bold and stout hearted indeed! When it comes time for this group’s première performance you won’t want to miss it!

Beginning next Tuesday, the Coldplay ensemble offers a respite for the angst-ridden musician! The English band often referred to in their early days as “Radiohead Lite” follows in the tradition of the boys from Oxford with their songcraft. Students can look forward to creating lush soundscapes as they perform songs like ‘The Scientist’ and ‘Viva la Vida’.

Also next Tuesday, the Bon Jovi/U2 Ensemble will be commencing their rehearsals. The New Jersey based Bon Jovi began as another ‘80s Hair Band donning the mandatory spandex and mullets but have long outlasted their contemporaries due in part to their underrated songwriting and evolution as a band. Perhaps they strived for the same success as one of their early idols, Bruce Springsteen, in the same way that U2 sought the same super-stardom as their heroes The Rolling Stones. The lads from Ireland don’t need much by way of introduction…their body of work speaks for itself having influenced countless bands (like the aforementioned Coldplay and Radiohead) with their mix of social commentary and delay-based guitar hooks. This Ensemble will offer a diverse musical challenge to students; they’ll need to become proficient playing two very different musical styles. Its going to be a fun group!

Roots! Rock! Reggae!

Bob Marley ensemble begins next Wednesday evening! Unquestionably the most famous and influential Reggae artist ever, Bob Marley’s songs stand the test of time because of the universal appeal of their subject matter: strife,hardship, love and more. We will be playing the classics and mastering the subtleties of the island music form.

The venerable Dreamgirls! ensemble returns to Sunday mornings as our Vocal Instructor extraordinaire Stephanie Fogg steers this ship of soaring songstresses to yet another triumphant performance. We’ll just have to wait and see what songs they roll out in 5 part harmony this time…

Sir Anthony Marro will be leading another charge of the SAX ATTACK! Striking fear in the hearts of percussionists, string and brass players alike. Always out to prove there is no limit to their repertoire, there avid fan base remains hopeful the group will grace their listeners with the long anticipated ‘Fanfare For The Common Man’…hope springs eternal!!!

The Rock of Ages Group will also be back for another go-round. This time, the legendary music of Queen will be the primary focus. These students will be bringing their ‘A’ game because this material is not for the casual musician. This is going to be another must see come ‘gig’ time because this ensemble has never disappointed!

Lets not forget the Ben Folds Five ensemble. Five guys? Three guys? We’ll figure it out before the show. Meanwhile this group will be fighting “The Battle of Who Could Care Less”. I’ll be watching the Rockford files.

All you Jazzers better get you berets out for Friday mornings! Matt Fogg sets the grooves as the hep-cats to bring the Quiet Storm to Forest Ave upstairs. Super Locrian…Bergonzi Pentatonics…Byzantine Flat 9…OOOOOHHHHHH YEEEEEAAAAAHHHH…………

Finally, Our summer tradition of getting the grown-ups to start practicing and show they haven’t forgotten how to ‘get jiggy with it’ begins Thursday. We’ll spare you the Geritol jokes and other age-based barbs for now (as we’re going to need material for later blogs!) but it suffices to say that we’ve scheduled the ensemble late enough for them to get their ‘Early Bird’ special at the diner but early enough to have them home for ‘The Late Show’! We’re all heart here at MSOM!

Here’s to next week and a long Summer of great Music!!!

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