Stockhouse Showcase – A Tale Of Two Students

With less than a week to go until our showcase at The Stockhouse in Westbrook, we here at the Midcoast School Of Music thought it would be instructive to think about different approaches to preparation before a performance.

What follows is based on a true story of the days leading up to a gig; the names have been changed to protect the musicians…

Day 1:

Matt - “I can’t believe I get to play a gig at a real venue! I’m going to have a massive audience bear witness to my ascension to the Pantheon of Musical Legends! I can’t wait to practice!

Chris - “Well, the Stockhouse show is almost here! I’m so excited! My drum lessons have finally paid off. I am a musician with a gig! What a great feeling!

Day 3:

Matt - “I am soooo tired of practicing these tunes. What’s the big deal? Its just some gig at a Hamburger Joint. I’m going to watch my Justin Bieber video and practice later…”

Chris - “Ok, I just practiced my charts with the metronome. I better run them one more time then polish up on my cowbell chops!

Day 5:

Matt - “I can’t get these songs to sound good and I must have practiced for twenty minutes this week! This is all the Teachers’ fault for booking that gig. I think I’ll skip my piano lesson and bedazzle my Crocs.”

Chris - “Practicing is going great! I need to run those tunes again – practice makes perfect and the tambourine is a demanding instrument.”

Day of Gig:

Matt - “I just want this to be OVER! I will deftly glide my fingers over the keys and hope nobody notices I ain’t playin!”

Chris - “ Wow performing music for people is an exhilarating experience. I want to be a professional triangle player!”

Whose story do you identify with?

Please come out and partake in the revelry as we celebrate MSOM’s fine musicians and their extraordinary efforts throughout the Summer to make this great show possible…and as always bring a friend!

The Stockhouse

506 Main Street in Westbrook, ME

Monday August 20th – show starts at 5:45 pm!


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