Riverbank Recap!

The Summer is drawing to an end and we have already had two performances by our summer ensembles! We hope you got a chance to get out and enjoy the great music and the last remnants of the warm weather!

If not, you missed a lot; let’s recap:

Our concert in Riverbank Park in Westbrook on Sunday September 8th was a rousing success; The groups performed for OVER FIVE HOURS! It was a marathon to be sure and the music was fantastic!

Highlights included:

The Bob Marley Ensemble kicking the day off with good vibrations with Thomas ‘Family Man’ Hiscock making an impressive debut on bass and Shaunte Julien’s moving solo performance of ‘Redemption Song’.

The Dreamgirls once again set the bar high with an excellent performance. This group always has a pleasant surprise in store for the audience with their song selection!

Rock of Ages delivered another high energy performance with a mysterious man donning a t-shirt on his head sitting-in on guitar.

The Jazz Ensemble bopped and swung their way through a strong set…

The Ben Folds Five Group were arguably the strongest performers of the day! They might have had fans numbering in the thousands if not for a ‘Babylon 5’ marathon airing on the Sci-Fi channel.

Coldplay(I) changed gears performed a solid set of songs from across the pond.

Bon Jovi/U2 Ensemble, capably fronted by Mr. Andy Penk, brought high energy rock to the park! Highlights included “Livin’ on a Prayer” and “Angel of Harlem” featuring a combined horn section (‘Elders of Rawk’ and Steely Dan Group)

Coldplay(II) featured more songs from the boys from Oxford and a strong vocal performance by Mackenzie Dufresne.

Steely Dan Ensemble hit another high point on the day. The musicians in this group work exceptionally hard on this very challenging material. This was a special performance and we hope you were lucky enough to be there to enjoy it!

Old Folks! Last but not least we come to this motley crew of stragglers who are intent on showing age no impediment to groove! These guys really put together a great set this year and any one who stuck around for the final performance of the day was rewarded with some great music!

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