Overheard at the Music School:

Tidbits overheard while walking the halls of the Midcoast School of Music…

“I still can’t figure out that G Major Neutral 0 chord”

“Can you count to Four 12 times in a row? Good.  You can successfully navigate this Blues form”

“If a Potato mated with a Yam it would be a Parsnip – write that down.”

“When does the Montell Jordan ensemble start?”

“So if I practice regularly I’ll get better? Seems counterintuitive…”

“No, Parsnips are not albino Carrots”

“I tuned my guitar yesterday – it should be fine…”

“No, it is not acceptable to refer to Parsnips as ‘Long Turnips’ “ 

“What is your preferred brand of Piano polish?”

“I wish I could eat organ meat for dinner every night – but the sun can’t shine every day I guess…”

“No problem. I can drink a gallon of whole milk in 30 minutes or less. This will be the easiest $5 I ever made”

“At any given time all twelve notes are available; some choices may seem more valid than others.”

“Now you can unleash the full fury of the Pentatonic scale!!”

“How was your week?”

“Is my guitar tone sufficiently brutal?”

“Ahhhh..Eggs Balboa, the breakfast of aspiring shredders”

“Because that’s how Zamfir played it – thats why!”

Our Fall Ensembles are in full swing! All the groups from the Eric Clapton Unplugged Ensemble to our Fall Rock Ensemble to The Millennial Ensemble to The All-Stars are all working diligently to perfect their sets as anticipation builds about their performances. (Stay tuned for details about where and when which we will post as warranted…)

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