New Ensembles!!!

Autumn, a time to reflect on where one has been, where one is going, and the meaning of life. Crisp fall days give way to cool nights of solemn introspection about matters weighty and whimsical. After much grappling and pensivity, one eventually arrives at the inexorable conclusion: “I have to get out of the house more!”

Lets take a look at the Ensembles being offered this fall at the school:


This ensemble, aimed chiefly at beginners and those with little or no experience playing in a group, will explore the music that shook the foundations of pop culture and the music industry in the mid ‘60s! This music continues to captivate listeners and inspire musicians to this day. Artists that will be explored include: The Beatles, The Stones, the Troggs, and The Kinks…


“What is and What Should Never Stop Believing!” This ensemble is back for round #2! More songs from the venerable masters of rock:foreign and domestic. This session might see some other all-time greats brought into the fold….”We Will Rock n’ Roll!”


Think your ready for the demands of a pro gig? Better check in and make sure your skills are up to snuff! This class is designed to simulate the environment of professional performance. Students will learn practical tricks and analyze song traits to walk into any gig and nail it. These methods are what will turn you into a strong rhythm section player. If you want to play out more, this is the way to do it.


This ensemble seems to a be a fave among certain woodwind players. The guitar faculty has complained bitterly about the parochial nature of the group to no avail. String-benders need not apply. No Keyboards. No Drums. Just Saxes covering a myriad of styles under the tutelage of one of the schools finest musicians and teachers…


Much like the butterfly emerges from the chrysalis in fluttering glory, so have the MSOM All-Stars emerged from the Tower of Power ensemble. This group will focus on pro-level charts and gain significant experience performing at regular intervals at local venues! If you think you’re ready for the challenge contact Matt Fogg or Chris Marro for details!


The Allman Brothers Band has featured a ‘who’s who’ of contemporary Guitarists: Duane, Dickie, Derek, and Warren to name a few! The band has seen a few legends on Bass as well: Barry Oakley, Alan Woody, and Oteil Burbridge! All backed by the mainstays: Greg Allman on keys and vocals, Butch Trucks and Jaimoe on drums. Its hard to think of a rock band more laden with legendary talent! This ensemble is designed for intermediate students. Players will be mastering the Allmans’ classic harmonized melodies and solos as well as adding a layer of depth to their rhythm playing. Tunes planned for the group include Jessica, Blue Sky, Whipping Post, One Way Out, and Ramblin’ Man.

If you want to enroll in an ensemble or would like more info please contact us at: We look forward to hearing from you!

Last but not Least…

A word of thanks to all those who came out to support the the All-Stars at Jimmy the Greeks in OOB on Saturday! It was a great show and good times were had by all!

Also big thanks to Steve Perry and El Grande!


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