Midcoast School of Music: Inspired Educators Creating Modern Musicians

Midcoast School of Music specializes in providing professional instruction for aspiring musicians. With locations in Portland and Bath we offer instruction in:

? Guitar - Nate Perry, Mike Deroiser, Sam Berce, and Nicholas Rausch

? Bass - Duane Edwards

? Piano/Keyboards - Michael Beling, Matt Fogg, and Christina Richards

? Drums - Chris Marro and Nathaniel Gowen

? Brass (trumpet, trombone, etc) - Marc Chillemi

? Woodwind (saxophone, clarinet, flute, etc) – Anthony Marro, Jason St. Pierre, Stephen Perry, Jennifer Precopio, and Kate Campbell Strauss

? Vocal - Jason Paquette and Stephanie Fogg

? Live Sound

? Recording/Mixing/Mastering

? Ear Training

? Music Theory

? Composition

? Arranging

Our Instructors are qualified, passionate professionals who understand how to help their students succeed. How? Our teachers are seasoned pros who perform on a regular basis. This means students learn from teachers with an extensive knowledge of their instrument(s) and know how to apply those skills to flourish as a musician and a performer.

We also place a premium on musical literacy. Standard Notation is the written language of music and fluency is critical to becoming a complete musician. When you’re a good reader the the musical world is your oyster!

But we don’t stop there…students learn the music theory necessary to master their instruments. Studying the intricacies of Harmony, Melody, and Rhythm allows students to explore improvisation and writing.

Our goal is to enable students to attain total facility of their instruments.


At MSOM, we know individual instruction is just part (albeit a big part!) of the bigger picture when it comes to becoming a complete musician. Thats why we have an extensive ensemble and performance program so students can apply their hard earned skills playing with other aspiring musicians.

We offer a wide variety of ensembles for students of all skill levels and instruments. From Jazz to Classic Rock, British Invasion, Fusion, Pop, Blues, Motown and R&B we’ve got you covered.

Our ensembles always have multiple instructors at each rehearsal to assist students in all facets of performance. Groups always work with professional, accurate charts to ensure efficiency and quality.

Best of all, each ensemble session culminates in a live performance at a local venue! Live Music is Music at its best and the reason we learn to play! We are extremely proud of our students and we are eager to showcase their skills to not only friends and family but to the music loving public.

We hope to hear from you soon! Our dedicated and friendly staff is eager to work with you and help you achieve your goals!

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