Loft Recap!

Well, last friday we had our big pre-holiday show at the Loft on Forest Avenue in Portland. With a total of six(!) acts on tap it was a busy night.

First up was Sax Attack! and their repertoire of holiday fare. Everyone delighted in the season’s good tidings as they filtered in and enjoyed the music and a meal.

Next up was a solo act. Ali Ghorashi performed a piece composed by our own Matt Fogg entitled ‘The Sum of All Knowledge’ that featured many nods to the virtuoso Oscar Peterson. Mr Ghorashi‘s technical skills were on full display as he wowed the audience with his chops.

The Brit Invasion group then took the stage opening with the Beatles ‘Get Back’ followed by more Britpop classics. Once again they brought the house down with a powerful version of ‘Hey Jude’ to close their set.

The Dreamgirls then graced the stage to charm onlookers with sweet harmonies and modern pop classics by the likes of Britney, Xtina, and Alicia Keys. The girls put on a memorable show and an appreciative crowd reciprocated with raucous applause.

The penultimate performance of the night was The LED/Journey group’s swan song. They once again seized the stage and the moment like Vikings storming a village. Soaring rock anthems ruled the set. Several all time classics rattled the fillings of the stunned crowd who were riveted to the spectacle of rock glory!

Finally, the All-Star ensemble took the stage for a late set. The group went through an impressive array of material to close the evening with songs from Benson to Toto to Michael Jackson. Highlights included the brothers Pershing trading solos during Lady Marmalade.

Thanks to all who came out to support the school and help out! MSOM wishes you all a safe and joyous Holiday!!!

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