Giving Thanks

Well, we’re entering another hectic holiday season here at the school with ensembles in full swing, upcoming shows, lessons and all manner of hustle and bustle. So to keep things in perspective, we thought we’d take time to reflect on what everyone is thankful for…

Guitarists are thankful for Leo Fender, Les Paul, and Jim Marshall.

Keyboard Players are thankful for the “People’s Key” (F)

Drummers are thankful they don’t have to count higher than “four”

Vocalists think the band should be thankful to work with them.

Horn players are thankful for spit-valves.

Guitarists, Keyboard players, and Drummers are thankful for spit valves.

Bass players are thankful they need only play one note at a time.

Musicians are thankful for “bandwiches”, part time work, and soup kitchens.

Drummers are thankful for kick-drums you can see from outer space.

Keyboard players are thankful for earplugs.

Saxophone players are thankful for “Coltrane changes”

Guitarists are thankful to get through the tune.

Music teachers are thankful you practiced…for once!

Drummers are thankful for key changes.

Guitarists are thankful for “moveable positions”

Your guitar teacher is thankful if the kids outside his office finally quieted the $%#* down!

Starbird employees are thankful for diagonal parking.

MSOM Teachers and Parents are thankful for Matt’s Keurig Coffee Maker.

MSOM if thankful for the support of family, friends and students!

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