MSOM hopes you can join us as we commence performances for our largest array of ensembles to date! This Sunday in Riverbank Park in Westbrook we will be featuring eleven (!) different ensemble performances. We are extremely proud of the hard work our students have done and we are excited for everyone to come down and hear some great music.

Here’s a look at our line-up:

Bob Marley Ensemble featuring Sax Attack! : This group of young and talented musicians will kick off the show and Mr. Marro’s gang of horn blowing hooligans will join in to make the set of island grooves unforgettable. This one will set the tone for the day: Fun and Festive!

Dreamgirls: These sets are always superlative and Sunday will be no exception. We look forward to hearing what Stephanie and the ladies have in store for us!

Rock of Ages: This group of young go-getters will throw down and play a great set; excellence is par for the course for these cats and we expect another breakout performance.

MSOM Jazz Ensemble: After all that ruckus it’s time for The Quiet Storm. Mr. Fogg’s cadre of hipsters will change gears and show you new shades of cool (remember, you can’t listen to the notes they’re not playing if you’re not there).

Ben Folds Five Tribute Band: Deep in the basement labs of MSOM Chris and Matt, alongside their students, have been perfecting a set of Nerd Rock so potent nobody has been willing to talk about it for fear of government reprisal…

Coldplay Ensemble (Edwards/S.Fogg): What more is there to say? Performing the music of one of the most popular groups of past decade. Its going to be fun.

BonJovi/U2 Ensemble: An eclectic pairing to be sure, we are excited for you to hear these guys. This will be a high-energy set that will feature a ‘pull out all the stops’ finale with a cast of thousands on horns!

Coldpaly Ensemble(M.Fogg/Marro/Derosier): Ladies and Gentleman, once again…the Coldplay. We had so much interest in this ensemble we split it into  two groups for you to enjoy!

Steely Dan Ensemble: . These are our advanced students and they will come to play. This will be yet another memorable performance from these hard-working musicians.

Gathering of the Elders:  Once more they have spent their Summer vacation toiling at rehearsal well after the curfew at their retirement communities. If they get their nap in Sunday the set will be glorious.

See you Sunday at Riverbank Park in Westbrook at High Noon!!!!

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