Fall Ensembles are underway at Midcoast School of Music!

We are two weeks into our fall session of ensembles and they’re off to a great start. From our Millennial Pop Ensemble to our Rock Ensemble to our Eric Clapton Unplugged ensemble things are sounding very good!

If you haven’t enrolled in one of our ensembles before you’ve been missing out!

Music, at its best, is not just an intellectual exercise but a shared experience – shared with the musicians you are playing and shared with and those listening! Why learn to play an instrument if not to perform music?

Musicians in our ensembles have the opportunity to use their hard won skills in a setting that allows them the best chance for success. Lessons are great- good instruction is essential to learning to play an instrument ( and of course our Instructors are second to none).  Routine solo practice (or as the cool cats call it “shedding”)  is also essential to one’s musical development (and strongly recommended!) But there are other parts of the equation to become a complete musician. We feel playing in an ensemble setting -that is to say with other musicians- allows students to hone skills and gain experience that is not otherwise available to them.

Playing with others in an ensemble or band setting is a challenging proposition. We make sure that students have what they need to excel: Accurate charts/arrangements are provided to  students – this eliminates a great deal of confusion that otherwise arises in many other settings (ever  been to a 4 hr garage band rehearsal where you learn 3 songs? No thank you!) We have  instructors for all instruments available during sessions to assist students- this means if a student has a question or difficulty it can be addressed immediately! We maintain a relaxed atmosphere conducive to learning and playing – while we do mean ‘business’ during rehearsals we also believe a relaxed atmosphere allows everyone the chance to enjoy the experience!  We are very excited about our new Portland Location and feel it offers a very comfortable and spacious setting.  We also provide all the necessary equipment from Live Sound/ P.A. gear to amps and more (we maintain a full complement of professional equipment) – all you need is your axe and you’re good to go!

Last but not least our ensembles always culminate in a performance! We set up performances at great venues for our students. We choose to avoid the sterile atmosphere of a high school gymnasium in favor of local (family friendly) clubs and other venues (one of our ensembles had the honor giving a private performance for the Governor!) We feel these settings offer a legitimate professional gig environment for our students.

We make it easy for you – all you have to do is show up and play! We have Ensembles for all skill levels! Time to put your musical talents to work…

Give us a call today!

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