Fall Ensembles Are Underway!

We are in ‘full swing’ with our fall ensembles at MSOM. Sunday mornings are particularly busy with the MSOM All-Stars and our LED-Journey group both conducting rehearsals. These dedicated musicians forgo the usual Sunday fare of ‘iCarly’ reruns and flap-jacks to pursue personal excellence!

The All-Stars (formerly the Tower of Power group), featuring a new vocalist, have embarked on an ambitious list of new songs from Earth, Wind and Fire, Adele, Cee-Lo and more. They will have over two hours of material to perform by the end of this session! We hope to have their formidable repertoire on display often this year…

The lads in the LED-Journey group continue to hone and expand their set as well. Lean and hungry, they arrive each week to labor and toil as they fan the flames of rock to a glorious inferno. The band has undertaken the entirety of a well known epic rock ballad that will be a showstopper as well as yet another Journey classic. Make sure you’re on hand to see this exciting band of young players next time they perform!

Overheard at MSOM:

“I don’t need to tune – I tuned up yesterday” -an unnamed guitar student

“Sounds like someones building a house back there!” -said to a drummer during rehearsal

“If you play this solo right, you’ll open a portal between two worlds” -MSOM instructor


Practice then XBox.

Chops atrophy otherwise.

Practice, then XBox.

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Finally, we are proud to announce another showcase for our fine musicians at The Stockhouse on Monday, November 12. Please save the date! More details coming soon…

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