The goal of our school is to provide students with a comprehensive musical education at a fair price.  While private music lessons are invaluable to students, they are only one part of the equation.  They are meant to develop the musical knowledge and ability required to perform with other musicians; unfortunately not many students are fortunate enough to have the experience of playing in an ensemble.  The Midcoast School of Music seeks to  provide our students with this unique opportunity by offering a number of different options, depending on interest and need.

Each 90-minute ensemble program will run from 8 to 12 weeks. To insure we’re able to offer the highest level of instruction, we request that students sign up for any ensembles at least two weeks prior to the first scheduled meeting. This will allow the instructor sufficient time to plan for the group’s instrumentation. Below, you can learn more about the ensembles currently being offered at The Midcoast School Of Music.

Dreamgirls Ensemble

Latin Jazz Ensemble

Millenials Pop Ensemble

MSOM Disney Ensemble

Rush Ensemble

The Psychedelic Freakout Ensemble

The Ramones Ensemble

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