End of Summer Grab Bag!

And now a word from our sponsor…

With Fall around the corner it’s a great time to start or renew interest in playing an instrument! Learning to play an instrument is a richly rewarding undertaking. When you embrace the physical and mental challenges involved you gain great satisfaction and a lifelong skill. Learning to play music, whatever the genre, is a noble pursuit; performing music provides a thrill that has to be experienced to to truly understand the drive so many feel to constantly improve and the pleasure so many gain from the process of mastering an instrument!

Midcoast School of Music offers comprehensive instrumental and vocal instruction for beginners and advanced students: drum lessons, guitar lessons, bass lessons, piano, brass, and woodwind lessons are among the ever growing list. MSOM teachers are professional, supportive, friendly and eminently qualified to help you achieve your goals! Moreover, MSOM offers extensive opportunities for you to apply your skills in a stimulating and fun environment with our ensembles. These groups are where the ‘rubber meets the road’ and you can apply your hard-earned chops while enjoying the camaraderie of your fellow musicians! Better yet the ensembles are taught by professionals with diverse and extensive performance experience who work with you every step of the way. MSOM is very proud of its staff who always go the extra mile to help their students succeed!

New Ensembles start this Fall!!! Full details will be available soon!

Overheard at the School:

[this is where we hope to occasionally bring you a few stolen moments of conversation from the halls of MSOM]

“how do I unleash the fury?” – guitar student

“NO! NO! NO! I keep telling you: Its Diddle, Diddle, Drag, Diddle, Flamacue THEN Pataflafla NOT Diddle, Drag, Diddle!!” – drum student

“I love that Mexican composer Paco Bell!” -unknown

Support MSOM Students!:

Be sure to come out to Jimmy the Greeks in OOB to support the MSOM All-Stars this Saturday at 8pm followed by El Grande (MSOM horn instructor Steve Perry’s band) who kindly invited the All-Stars to open for them…


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