End Of Summer Ensembles In Portland

Well, we’re already into August here at the school…soon it will be time for many of our students to resume their academic rigmarole but before the summer wanes the School is pleased to announce a gig that will feature four of our ensembles…

The Led-Zeppelin/Journey Ensemble: the Lads have journeyed to the Fountainhead of Arena Rock and labored to bring forth to the people Anthems by two of the best rock bands to ever grace a stage. Prepare yourself for soaring vocals, searing guitars, stunning keyboards and thunderous percussion!

The T.O.P. (Tower Of Power) Ensemble: This is the second time around for this ensemble having already done ten weeks of hard rehearsing in the spring that culminated in a great show at Venue in May. But, this time… only the stalwarts remained! A few proud, dedicated musicians from the first go-round decided to eschew ‘Call of Duty’, General Hospital, navel gazing and the usual summer pastimes. Instead, they dedicated their summer to learning some of the hardest charts and playing some of the funkiest music ever written. The material has been expanded to include other great songs from Chicago, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson and more. They’re better, faster, tighter … in fact, they’ve gotten so good they landed a monthly gig at Venue in Portland!

Sax Attack: They’re brass! They’re brash! They play Woodwinds! They do Adolphe Sax proud! Also, they play a song from Star Wars which I personally find delightful…see Anthony and his group of fine horn players demonstrate the versatility and majesty of this instrument!

The Parents Ensemble: The Nine to Fivers have returned Wednesday evenings to rekindle the flames of Rock Glory in a safe and responsible fashion then extinguish them at a reasonable hour! They know about Escrow and they are a force to be reckoned with when they storm through a set of classics old and new! Not to be missed! *

Join us at The Stockhouse in Westbrook @ 5:30pm on Monday, August 20. Please come down and support some aspiring young Musicians and a few aspiring elders as well…see you there!

*(besides, they’re your ride home so you cant leave til theyre done)


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