Overheard at the Music School:

Tidbits overheard while walking the halls of the Midcoast School of Music… “I still can’t figure out that G Major Neutral 0 chord” “Can you count to Four 12 times in a row? Good.  You can successfully navigate this Blues form” “If a Potato mated with a Yam it would be a Parsnip – write [...]

 Pete Kilpatrick Live at MSOM

The Midcoast School of Music is proud to present Pete Kilpatrick in concert at our 533 Forest Avenue, Portland location on Friday, November 22nd (from 8-10 p.m.). We’re honored to have Pete inaugurate our “Singer/Songwriter” concert series, and look forward to presenting his music in this intimate setting. Seating will be extremely limited for this [...]

 An Entreaty To Guitar Players, Part 2

Previously on the MSOM blog… …Please approach the Guitar as a musical instrument! The world has enough would be stringbenders whose response to ‘Play an Eb ’ is to point at their shoe laces! If you intend to play music- in a club, in a park, at a wedding, in a church, on the street, [...]

 Fall Ensembles are underway at Midcoast School of Music!

We are two weeks into our fall session of ensembles and they’re off to a great start. From our Millennial Pop Ensemble to our Rock Ensemble to our Eric Clapton Unplugged ensemble things are sounding very good! If you haven’t enrolled in one of our ensembles before you’ve been missing out! Music, at its best, [...]

 Riverbank Recap!

The Summer is drawing to an end and we have already had two performances by our summer ensembles! We hope you got a chance to get out and enjoy the great music and the last remnants of the warm weather! If not, you missed a lot; let’s recap: Our concert in Riverbank Park in Westbrook [...]


MSOM hopes you can join us as we commence performances for our largest array of ensembles to date! This Sunday in Riverbank Park in Westbrook we will be featuring eleven (!) different ensemble performances. We are extremely proud of the hard work our students have done and we are excited for everyone to come down [...]

 An Entreaty to Guitar Players…

In this ultra-modern world its a known fact that 97%*** of the population will state (upon questioning) that they “play a little guitar”. That means if you intend to become a guitarist – pro, semi-pro, weekend warrior, avid hobbyist or otherwise – you will be swelling the already bloated ranks of the the guitar playing [...]

 Fogg Blog

This week in the blog we’re going to feature Midcoast School of Music Co-owner Matt Fogg. Anyone who knows Matt would say he’s a busy guy. But that would be selling him short – he’s also a driven guy – driven to always be improving his musicianship, driven to become a better teacher and driven [...]

 Summer Sizzles at Midcoast School of Music!

Midcoast School of Music is ramping up for our Summer Ensembles. There are so many great groups its going to be an exciting time on Forest Ave! The Steely Dan ensemble is our most ambitious undertaking since the Michael Jackson ensemble shocked and awed slack-jawed onlookers with a tour de force performance which included a [...]

 Stockhouse Recap!

Our ensemble performances were once again a rousing success thanks to the hard work of our students and the family, friends, and wellwishers that came out to support them. We were fortunate to have such a beautiful day for our concert! After some cursory soundchecks, the show started with the Rock of Ages ensemble. The [...]