And we’re back…

The blog has recently taken some personal time for (among other things): a juice cleanse, a brutal regimen of deep knee bends, thrusts, and squats, filling out a profile ( “Treble with Love”), building a potato cannon, working out some electrical problems at the school, and four days in a sensory deprivation chamber which allowed us to sufficiently recharge our “Chakra” to write more blogs!

What’s New?

Winter ensembles are nearly at an end. We have only one rehearsal remaining until our big show at the Stockhouse in Westbrook on Sunday April 28!

The Pink Floyd/Boston ensemble has been putting together a set of classics. Things are going swimmingly as we work on these guitar-heavy tunes. These songs present some formidable challenges to perform. Boston in particular is notoriously difficult to perform given layers of guitar and vocal tracks and other studio wizardry that typify their recordings.The Pink Floyd selections present similar challenges; these songs are iconic and sonically etched into the minds of anyone who has listened to an FM radio in the last thirty years. Nevertheless, we are confidant you will be thoroughly impressed and entertained when we hit the stage…

The All-Stars Ensemble, featuring our most advanced students, forges on with a long list of new songs. This group conquers new material so readily they’re having trouble deciding what to put on their set list as their repertoire has become so expansive it can’t be fit into two sets let alone one! We continue to feel this group can hold its own with any club band in town!

We hope you have been enjoying our concert series! We’ve featured a performance of Jimmy Smith’s classic ‘Back At The Chicken Shack” album by MSOM instructors Matt Fogg, Nick Rausch, Jason St. Pierre, Anthony Marro, Stephen Perry, and Chris Marro and a performance by Primo Cubano featuring MSOM instructors Mark Chillemi on trumpet and Duane Edwards on Bass. Our next concert at the school will be a Diana Krall tribute featuring our own Stephanie Fogg on vocals (the date for this show will be announced soon…stay tuned). If you haven’t attended one of our in-house concerts we urge you to come on down! Its free and a great opportunity to see great live music and sit-in with the band (thats right! students are encouraged to bring their respective instruments and play with the band at the end of the show!)

Don’t forget to come out to the Stockhouse on Sunday, April 28 for our big show featuring all of our winter ensembles. The show kicks off at 1pm with the ‘Rock of Ages ensemble’ followed by Boston/Pink Floyd ensemble followed by Dreamgirls! and winding up with the MSOM All-Star ensemble. Come down early for some great food and stay for the show…see you there!

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