All-State Announcement/Mail-Bag

We here at Midcoast School of Music are very excited to announce the MSOM students that

have made All-State:

Studying with Chris Marro:

Nick Groat (Drums)

Sarah Gooch (Drums)

Studying with Jason Paquette and Stephanie Fogg

Erin Duguay (Voice)

Studying with Anthony Marro

Cole Lemeiln (Bari Sax)

Studying with Matt Fogg

Alex Han (Piano)

Hattie Simon (Voice)

Emma Mooradian (Alto Sax) -MCSM All-Star Ensemble Student

The school is so very proud of these fine young musicians. This achievement is representative their commitment to hard work and their love of music. They are to be commended for their performance under pressure; auditioning for a jury of Music educators is as nerve-racking as it gets!

We’d also like to offer a note of encouragement to our students who auditioned but ‘missed the cut’ this time around: Do not be discouraged! The difficulty of the task is what makes it a worthy goal. If you ask any of our instructors (or any professional musician) they will tell you that over the course of your musical life one gets told “no” more frequently than “yes” in these situations.

Take Heart! Persistence will result in success…

Lets take a look in the MSOM Mail-Bag!

Dear MSOM:

How do I take a solo? Everytime I try it sounds like someone sat on my keyboard!

Golly! First check two things: 1.Is someone, in fact, sitting on your keyboard? 2. Are you wearing Mittens and/or do you have webbed fingers? (incidentally, if you do have webbed fingers, mittens might be the way to go). 

If neither of these things apply then you may need to develop what the ‘hepcats’ call ‘chops’. This is a long and complex process (perhaps we will revisit this topic in more detail at a later date) but for now the short answer is: Transcribe,transcribe, then transcribe some more. Find a solo you like; figure it out note for note; write it down in standard notation; apply lines from this solo to other songs when you solo transposing when necessary…

Dear MSOM:

I am interested in taking beginner guitar lessons but I need to buy a guitar first. Should I buy an acoustic or an electric?

Hmmm…a conundrum indeed! Are you gonna be more like John Denver or John Petrucci? Richie Havens or Ritchie Blackmore? Jack Johnson or Jack White? Bon Iver or Bon Jovi? 

It is a canard to think there is a correct choice other than what works best FOR YOU. In general, acoustics will require more hand strength to play than electrics but that is not a hard and fast rule. Also, keep in mind that developing hand strength is of major importance when playing the guitar -but- having an instrument that is too physically challenging to play will inhibit development.

In the end you should consider what style of music you’re most interested in in learning then buy the instrument most appropriate to that style!

Don’t forget about the MSOM Showcase at The Stockhouse on Monday, November 12!

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