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The Midcoast School of Music offers music lessons in Portland, Maine on all musical instruments, including: bass guitar, guitar, brass instruments (trumpet, trombone, etc.), woodwinds (saxophone, clarinet, flute, etc.), piano, drums, voice, and even in specialized areas like music production. Our instructors are some of the best professional musicians in New England who, in addition to their time spent teaching, can be seen performing throughout New England.

To further our student’s musical education, we also offer various ensembles. Each of these groups is focused on either the genre of music being performed (such as our Bebop Jazz or Classic Rock ensembles) or on a specific artist (such as our Tower Of Power or Stevie Wonder ensembles). Students will further their individual skills but also learn valuable lessons from playing in a dynamic smaller group. Through these multi-week programs, students will hone their craft and prepare themselves for a public performance showcase to be held at a local venue where they can show off their skills in a real gig setting.

The Midcoast School of Music also offers classes in music theory, ear training, and aspects of recording technology. We are dedicated to providing a solid foundation of musical literacy that will enable our students to make greater strides in any musical venture, or field, as well as assist them to develop a greater sense of self-confidence, and self-reliance.

Students of all ages and ability levels are welcome at the Midcoast School of Music. We recognize that every student will come to us with their own unique requirements and goals, as well as their preferred style of learning.

With this in mind, we’re offering several different lesson/class options, including:

  • Individual instruction
  • Small groups
  • Ensembles

It’s our goal to insure our students feel comfortable in any lesson setting so they’re better able to enjoy their experiences and receive maximum benefit from their learning opportunity with us.

Lesson Rates

Lessons are $25 for a half-hour, and $45 for a full hour

In addition to offering highly competitive rates, we offer three simple payment plans… Since we’re confident that our students will respect and value the music education they’re receiving, we invite them to choose whichever plan works best for them.

  1. You may choose to “pay as you go”; with full payment being made at the end of each lesson,
  2. You may choose to request a monthly bill,

Cancellation Policy:

While we might hope that lessons would flow week-to-week with no interruptions, we recognize life doesn’t necessarily work that way! We’re confident our students will take their scheduling commitments as seriously as we do, but, in the event a cancellation should become necessary, we ask that you make every effort to give us 24 hours notice. We ask that you please call, as well as e-mail the school. Naturally, should any similar situation arise at our end, we will certainly extend the same courtesy to you! Any potential re-scheduling can be worked out between the instructors and their students. We would expect that “no shows” (without notification) will pay for any missed lesson(s).

Course And Ensemble Rates

Rates for ensembles and courses are listed by course depending on the number of weeks and instructors necessary. If you have any questions, please contact us and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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