A Day in the Life…

I am afloat on a coal black sea. I am surrounded by horizon in all directions. As I gaze out into the still water a vista grows in my mind of regret, circumspection, and remorse.

The alarm goes off and the beautiful dream ends. A few more minutes of basking in its warm glow ensue before I remember the awful truth…I am a Bass Player.

I get out of bed bright and early to start my day…

10:45 am: Put on union suit and chase chickens in the backyard to build core strength and let the chickens know who’s in charge.

11:22 am Crack three eggs foraged in backyard into coffee cup for breakfast. Still no visible signs of Avian Flu.

11:36 am: Practice Bach Cello Suites using Envelope Filter and Tony Levin’s Funk Fingers on my beloved B.C. Rich.

2:08 pm: Depart home for Teaching Studio; looks cold and rainy outside.

2:35 pm: Arrive Starbird Music. Fix flat on recumbent cycle and chain to dumpster.

3:00 pm: Begin teaching lessons

5:02 pm: During dinner break cut sleeves off shirt for upcoming Derek Smalls Tribute Band show.

6:20 pm: Have psychotic break while teaching modes to student; Yell “I MUST BREAK YOU ALL!!! ONE NOTE AT A TIME!!!!”

6:22 pm: Still no signs of Avian Flu.

7:00 pm: Eat Reuben sammich while student plays my transcription of thirty minute live version of ‘Dazed and Confused’

8:30 pm: Return home. Chickens seem uppity.

9:07 pm: Watch five DVR’d episodes of ‘The Bachelorette”

2:36 am: Turn on CD payer. Play Nazareth’s ‘Hair of the Dog’ on repeat.

3:14 am: Fall asleep on floor.


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