Pete Kilpatrick Live at MSOM

The Midcoast School of Music is proud to present Pete Kilpatrick in concert at our 533 Forest Avenue, Portland location on Friday, November 22nd (from 8-10 p.m.). We’re honored to have Pete inaugurate our “Singer/Songwriter” concert series, and look forward to presenting his music in this intimate setting. Seating will be extremely limited for this [...]

 An Entreaty To Guitar Players, Part 2

Previously on the MSOM blog… …Please approach the Guitar as a musical instrument! The world has enough would be stringbenders whose response to ‘Play an Eb ’ is to point at their shoe laces! If you intend to play music- in a club, in a park, at a wedding, in a church, on the street, [...]

 Fall Ensembles are underway at Midcoast School of Music!

We are two weeks into our fall session of ensembles and they’re off to a great start. From our Millennial Pop Ensemble to our Rock Ensemble to our Eric Clapton Unplugged ensemble things are sounding very good! If you haven’t enrolled in one of our ensembles before you’ve been missing out! Music, at its best, [...]