Loft Recap!

Well, last friday we had our big pre-holiday show at the Loft on Forest Avenue in Portland. With a total of six(!) acts on tap it was a busy night. First up was Sax Attack! and their repertoire of holiday fare. Everyone delighted in the season’s good tidings as they filtered in and enjoyed the [...]

 We’re Gonna Blow the Roof off the Joint!

The show at The Loft is TOMORROW NIGHT!!!! We are raring to go!! Come on down and get your Holidays off to a festive start!!! Exclamation points!!! For your listening pleasure: SAX ATTACK!!! will set the mood for the holidays with a selection of seasonal music while you enjoy a fine repast. MMMMMMMMM….Woodwinney. The British Invasion Ensemble [...]

 A Day in the Life…

I am afloat on a coal black sea. I am surrounded by horizon in all directions. As I gaze out into the still water a vista grows in my mind of regret, circumspection, and remorse. The alarm goes off and the beautiful dream ends. A few more minutes of basking in its warm glow ensue [...]