All-State Announcement/Mail-Bag

We here at Midcoast School of Music are very excited to announce the MSOM students that have made All-State: Studying with Chris Marro: Nick Groat (Drums) Sarah Gooch (Drums) Studying with Jason Paquette and Stephanie Fogg Erin Duguay (Voice) Studying with Anthony Marro Cole Lemeiln (Bari Sax) Studying with Matt Fogg Alex Han (Piano) Hattie [...]

 Fall Ensembles Are Underway!

We are in ‘full swing’ with our fall ensembles at MSOM. Sunday mornings are particularly busy with the MSOM All-Stars and our LED-Journey group both conducting rehearsals. These dedicated musicians forgo the usual Sunday fare of ‘iCarly’ reruns and flap-jacks to pursue personal excellence! The All-Stars (formerly the Tower of Power group), featuring a new [...]

 The Loft Recap

Saturday was a cool Autumn eve in Portland. Fine mists anointed the musicians as they began their load-in at the venue. The gear was methodically set up on the stage and the crowd filtered in to partake in the revelry the night had to offer them. The house filled and the first brave soul took the stage. [...]