The Loft Show Is Saturday!

Preparations have begun. The most recent Dreamgirls rehearsal was with the full band after many weeks of acapella rehearsals. The songs they have chosen represent a broad range of material and will showcase arrangements for six vocal parts. Their set is sure to be a high point on Saturday! The ‘Parents’ ensemble has assembled once more, doubled their [...]

 Singing Ain’t Easy

If you disagree, try it. Sing “The Star Spangled Banner”. Right Now. Did anyone flee the vicinity in terror? Probably. Know why? Singing ain’t easy. Think about it. The voice is the one instrument native to human anatomy (well, the voice and hambone) yet very few of us utilize it – let alone utilize it [...]

 MSOM Mailbag!

Let’s see what’s arrived in the MSOM Mailbag lately… Dear MSOM: I am very interested in pursuing a future in music! I would love to be able to perform music on a professional basis. What advice can you give me? thanks, Eager Beaver in South Portland Well, you just asked a whopper of a question! [...]

 New Ensembles!!!

Autumn, a time to reflect on where one has been, where one is going, and the meaning of life. Crisp fall days give way to cool nights of solemn introspection about matters weighty and whimsical. After much grappling and pensivity, one eventually arrives at the inexorable conclusion: “I have to get out of the house [...]

 End of Summer Grab Bag!

And now a word from our sponsor… With Fall around the corner it’s a great time to start or renew interest in playing an instrument! Learning to play an instrument is a richly rewarding undertaking. When you embrace the physical and mental challenges involved you gain great satisfaction and a lifelong skill. Learning to play [...]