MSOM Welcomes Marc Chillemi

The Midcoast School Of Music is proud to welcome our new brass instructor, Marc Chillemi. Marc graduated from The Berklee School Of Music in Boston with a BA in Jazz Composition and has toured extensively with several groups over the past 20 years. He works to improve student’s tone, technique, and endurance through developing daily [...]

 New Bebop Jazz Ensemble

The Midcoast School Of Music is happy to announce a new ensemble that will begin in mid-June featuring the music of Charlie Parker, Dizzy Gillespie, Miles Davis, and Clifford Brown! This ensemble will focus on jazz harmony, theory, and learning signature solos as a way of immersing themselves in this classic form of jazz. Leading [...]

 Ensemble Day Changes

Due to some scheduling conflicts, we have changed some of the days which our summer ensembles will be held. While we regret any inconvenience this might cause, it was necessary to provide the best experience for our students. The ensembles that were affected were the Led Zeppelin and Journey ensembles, which have moved to Monday [...]

 New Ensembles For Spring 2012

The snow has begun to melt and the weather is getting warm, so that can only mean one thing… New ensembles! We have three new ensembles that will be starting in June that we’re sure no one is going to want to miss. First, we have our new Led Zeppelin ensemble – the band that laid [...]

 MSOM Welcomes Steve Perry

We’d like to welcome the newest member of our staff – woodwind instructor Steve Perry! Steve is a saxophone and conga player who is active in the Portland music scene with the bands Stereocom and El Grande. Along with those gigs, he also plays in multiple student ensembles and freelances with various bands. A fan [...]

 What Is Hip at MSOM

The Midcoast School Of Music is a busy place these days, and one of the reasons is the new Tower Of Power ensemble that’s been gathering in our midst for the past few weeks. For those who aren’t familiar with this staple of soul music, do yourself a favor and wander over to YouTube for [...]