Rock Camp 2010 Is Coming!

Summer camp isn’t just about sitting around the campfire and trying to keep the mosquitoes out of your tent. Forget about the canoes and get ready to ROCK this summer!Fresh off their successful first year, Midcoast School Of Music is back on the charts (with a bullet), offering TWO sessions of Rock Camp this summer [...]

 Individual Music Theory Classes

Do you want to become a better soloist? Are you pursuing music as a college major or career? Just hungry to learn more about what makes music… music? Well, then an excellent place to start is by gaining a firm grasp of music theory! We are currently offering private music theory lessons with one of [...]

 Conquer Rock Royalty With Our New Queen Ensemble

The Midcoast School of music is pleased to announce an ensemble dedicated to the music of Queen. Those of you already familiar with this legendary band realize what an ambitious challenge this presents, vocally in particular.  Consider the fact that “Bohemian Rhapsody” (perhaps their best known tune and one that reached #1 on the charts [...]